Friday, July 13, 2018

Minister Paul Atanga Nji visits Douala for a meeting on security in the Littoral under the threat of secessionist

Cin| The Minister of Territorial Administration holds this Friday, July 13, 2018, a meeting in the services of the governor of the Littoral Region, located at the Bonanjo district in Douala. According to our sources, all the administrative authorities, the municipal authorities, the heads of the defense and security forces are invited to this meeting.

"The minister has started the consultations since yesterday Thursday. The preparation of the presidential elections, the forthcoming deployment of the first team for the distribution of emergency plan donations in the English-speaking regions and mainly the secessionist threats in the Littoral Region, are in essence the topics on the agenda of the the working session between the minister and his guests "reveals a close collaborator of the Minister of Territorial Administration in an interview with

The economic capital of Cameroon, precisely the district of Douala 4 e shares a long border with the Southwest, one of the two regions in the grip of a war of secession. Thus, residents fleeing armed clashes between separatists and the central government army, take refuge in the neighborhoods of Douala 4 e . According to the mayor of this vast district, if important security measures are not put in place, Douala will also become a base fallback secessionist rebels.

It is precisely for the deployment of greater security measures that the Minister of Administration Territory is staying in Douala for the second time in three months.

Since the beginning of this week, the police multiplied raids in the district of Douala 4 e , dormant cell pro-secessionists.