Tuesday, July 10, 2018

: Mayor Of Bangangte, Celestine Ketcha Courtes Invites Segolene Royal To Bangangte

This conclave is under the aegis of Célestine Ketcha Courtès mayor of Bangangté and also president of the network of women elected local of Africa.

It is in her capacity as Ambassador of Solar Alliance / DA Planet, that Ségolène Royal former French Minister for Environment, Energy and Sea) will take part in these meetings.

The International Solar Alliance is a coalition that was established in December 2015 during COP 21 to lower the price of solar energy, and was officially born on December 6, 2017 after the ratification of the 15th country.

The work of the former presidential candidate, is to boost the operational projects. In Bangangté, where Ségolène Royale will be present, the opening of the works will be carried out by the Minister of Decentralization and Local Development (MINDDEVEL), under the patronage of the prefect of Ndé (Western Region), Oumarou Haman Wabi.

The aim of the national COPIL is to bring together all the women mayors who are beneficiaries of the "Women and Sustainable Energy" program, which links the Cameroon Local Women Elected Network of Cameroon (REFELA-Cam) to its international partners (AIMF, ADEME and Fondation Veolia These meetings thus provide a clearing house for the general guidelines for the efficient implementation of the project as a whole.

After the actions initiated in the two pilot communes of Bangangté and Fokoué (Western Region) for almost a year, the project "Women and Sustainable Energy" will, according to its promoters, enter a crucial phase during this year, notably with the completion of works contracts (in progress) in the cities of Bangangté and Fokoué, and the call for tenders for the other 5 beneficiary communes currently being launched, for an allocation planned for the end of July 2018.

These five other municipalities are: Mayo-Oulo (Northern Region), Mbengwi (North-West Region), Angossas (Eastern Region), Afanloum (Central Region) and Mintom (Southern Region).

Source: Yapee