Friday, July 13, 2018

Issa Tchiroma reacts to president Paul Biya decision

Cin| Paul Biya, national president of the ruling Democratic Rally of the Cameroonian People (CPDM), announced on Friday, July 13, 2018 that he will be a candidate for the presidential election on October 7, 2018.

In response, Issa Tchiroma, president of the National Front of Salvation Cameroon (NSFC), opposition party, applauded both hands, In a statement published in the newspaper 13h of the State Radio, the Minister of Communication, believes that Paul Biya is an all-risk insurance for Cameroon

"President Biya is the common denominator accepted by Muslims and Christians, by Cameroonians from North and South, from East to West. He is also a pledge and guarantor for all investors because he has succeeded through turbulent areas ... I think that for all these communities in general, President Biya is the right man instead. it is necessary. His work remains unfinished today. It is necessary that the nation renews its lease for him to continue to perfect, which he has already done enormously "

Following Issa Tchiroma, the Secretary General of the UPC, the Honorable Robert Bapooh Lipot, expressed his satisfaction in view of the fact that the Head of State "has made a commitment to serve the cause of our Nation

"The Cameroonian people were waiting for this reaction of the Head of State, especially the Union of the People of Cameroon, guarantor of the immortality of the soul of our people. By its attachment to its sovereignty, the UPC was waiting for this reaction. We are therefore very happy to see that the Head of State has made a commitment to serve the cause of our Nation. This is the place for me to say that the UPC as part of the UPC - PCRD alliance, will give its total support to this commitment of the Head of State so that this alliance is always the one who is the guardian of the sovereignty of the Cameroonian people ".