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Thursday, July 5, 2018

I Do Not Believe That Cameroon Needs An Intervention "Nowhere In The World Where The UN Intervened Did One Really Find The Fullness Of Its Peace And Joy" Says Joseph Antoine Bell

Cin| For Joseph Antoine Bell, the UN must refrain from intervening in Cameroon if it is not invited by the authorities of this country. In reaction to speculation that the international organization may intervene in the tragedy that is unfolding in the English-speaking regions of North-West and South-West, the former Cameroonian international footballer has made his opposition to Vision television. 4 last July 1st: "I do not believe that Cameroon needs intervention. If that were the case, Cameroon would ask for it himself. The UN does not often intervene like that on its own. And especially, it seems to me that our situation, there for once I have the impression that the case of Cameroon does not seem treated like many others.

The former captain of Olympique de Marseille spoke as examples of situations lived while living in Europe. The wars of the United Kingdom against the separatists of Siin Féin, that of Spain against the Basques of ETA, that of France against the Corsicans in France, have, according to him, caused many deaths, without causing much international emotion about what was happening. Joseph Antoine Bell maintains that he does not remember having seen the blue helmets go in front of his house to go to the Basque country.

Relying on other examples around the world, Joseph Antoine Bell predicts a new failure of secessionist ambition. "You have to put the problem on the table. If it is clear that this is secession, I do not know many states that have accepted secession and I do not know many countries that have proclaimed that they support secessionists. Closer to home we saw the Catalan secessionists and we saw how it ended. Everyone recognizes in this case that it was really about democracy. Secessionists used democracy to try to separate from Spain, and Spain used democracy to fight secessionists. "

The double champion of Africa thinks that when the UN threat to intervene nothing that must put the chip in the ears of Cameroonians. For him, if one comes to help, there must be no threat. There must be agreement of those on the ground. "You have a big earthquake somewhere, you do not run. We ask permission from the state in question to intervene, "he said adding that what is called" threat of intervention "is not something healthy.

The former footballer then went to a trial in good standing of a United Nations Organization that failed to carry out its peacekeeping missions. "The UN that is there to regulate relations between all states should remember that all these states have citizens who have their eyes open and who see that nowhere in the world where the United Nations has intervened have we really found the fullness of his peace and joy. If we honestly wanted peace in the world, there is a radical solution we never talk about. The UN would condemn all arms manufacturers. Weapons manufacturers would be converted back into pot manufacturers or whatever. There are so many other things to make. And in a mode without weapons, I'm sure we would fight with bare hands, but there are rare boxers who die. There would be fewer deaths.