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Sunday, July 1, 2018

How Nzete Emmanuel destroys the local initiative

237|Emmanuel Nzete, government delegate to the urban community of Bafoussam, member of the central committee of the Rdpc and vice-president of the economic and social council who imports corn subsidized to kill local producers.

"We are around early April 2018, with a group of Cameroonians we are doing the scamping of fifteen hectares of corn from our farm, and it is a question as in the past to seek a good clientele for optimizing the flow of our production Finding regular customers in the long term is not easy.We plan to sell the kg at 170 F. This equates to 170,000 francs per ton but in the jargon of the trade we speak rather in kg.

But unfortunately for us for several months this case of bird flu that is even fictional is preventing farmers from launching chicken waves, which means that the demand for corn is low. We visit a number of farms and we find that they themselves already have maize stocks because they have not been in business since. Others also waited for the ban to be lifted, so that they could restart the activities, that's how they had already made corn stocks to wait for the kickoff. Demand is therefore low in the market and consequently prices fall for about 130 ... 140F kg whereas in the rainy season the supply is usually of sorts that prices rise. Luckily we find a farmer who is convinced of the very good quality of our corn and after after negotiations we agree on a price of 140F / kg.

It is therefore up to us to make the final preparations to deliver. Two days after the sifting is over and we find a truck to transport our products. A last phone call to the farmer to announce our arrival. And the gentleman tells us no, he does not take anymore, he learned that the corn of nzete that he imports from Brazil is there and it is rather that he will take because he buys 120F kg. There was nothing left to do, the guy had already made his decision. Here is a government delegate from the western granary region of Cameroon, who was supposed to work to promote the population, but he is the one who makes massive corn imports into Brazil to flood the market. Surely it's even the Brazilian GMOs he makes consume to Cameroonians, surely he did not even pay customs colander.

In the end we had to resume with the search for customers and we sold our corn at 120F kg, bruised heart yet it was expected to 170F minimum. You can not imagine the losses and wages of our multiple employees to pay. All this because of a bird flu policy and a high policy of the rdpc. So go Cameroon!

Darling Nguevo