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Friday, July 6, 2018

Governor's appointments create disturbance in the Regional Public Health delegation

Cin| The newspaper L'oeil du Sahel of July 2, 2018 reports that there is unease in the regional delegation of Public Health of the Region of Adamaoua. The discomfort comes from two regional decisions taken by Kildadi Taguiéké the Governor. These decisions, which are in fact the above-mentioned appointments, were made on the proposal of the Regional Delegate for Public Health.

" The regional delegate who is at the center of the management of the Islamic clinic of Ngaoundéré, pushes the personnel of the State to go to work in the private one. And among the staff sent to this clinic, he appointed one of them regional quality controller Tuberculosis, to replace a lady. It appears that the Permanent Secretary for TB and HIV told the delegate that his protégé does not have the profile required to do this job. The general supervisor of the regional hospital of Ngaoundere, which is Adamawa, was also dismissed. And a person can not leave the post of general supervisor to be appointed head of health center, without fail. The lady who was head of the Bamnyanga Hamadjangui health center was sent to the regional hospital, in addition to the staff. What did she do ? She could even leave her post to become administrative manager in the district, there we could understand, "said an anonymous source in the columns of our colleague.

The Sahel Eye reports that several professionals take these appointments as a settling of accounts from the regional delegate. Having approached the Governor, our colleague declares that the authority sent him to the pointed delegate, who for his part declared " I have nothing to say on this subject ". However, the newspaper says that officials met at the delegation say that the appointments were made on the basis of objective criteria. " You can not promote an incompetent staff that only creates problems for you. In any case there is always frustration after each appointment. How can people think that the Governor who is an old administrator has been misled? He signed knowingly. The purpose of these appointments is to improve care for the benefit of the people of Adamaoua, "said one of those responsible.