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Thursday, July 5, 2018

Ex Minister Son, Involved In A Stolen Watches Controversial In Switzerland Has Been Appointed Into The Office Of Secretary General Of The Senate, One Of The Most Important Institutions Of Cameroon

Kevin Daniel Ndo Abolo, since it is about him, has just been taken to a position of responsibility in the office of the Secretary General of the Senate, one of the most important institutions of Cameroon.

According to journalist Boris Bertolt, who relayed this information, Kevin Daniel Ndo Abolo in his thirties was reportedly appointed to this position of responsibility by his grandfather, former finance minister Michel Meva'A Meboutou, who is also Secretary General of the Senate. .

An appointment that is not unanimous and especially discredits the eyes of the opinion once again Cameroon on the international scale.

The promoted was presented as a thief of luxury watches by the Geneva Police Court in October 2017. Student at the time of the facts, Kevin Daniel Ndo Abolo was therefore suspected of stealing six watches worth 200,000 Swiss francs. (Approximately 113 million FCFA, ed) to a young heir with whom he was celebrating in a posh neighborhood of Geneva.

Sentenced to 15 months suspended, the outlaw, in an interview with a Swiss media will speak of a "relentless" on the grounds that the facts had been "distorted"

"I note that these facts have been distorted to interests unacknowledged by bad languages, "he said. Before adding, "If I were really what they say about me, I would be in prison today. There are people who go for 1000 Swiss francs.

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