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Friday, July 6, 2018

Cameroonians React as Emmanuel Macron Visits Nigeria, Day's After Special Envoy Left Cameroon

Cin| French President Emmanuel Macron is not visiting Cameroon but neighboring Nigeria, however Cameroonians have developed interest in his coming to Nigeria especially at the time when his special envoy just left Cameroon few days back.

Members of the interim government of the “Federal republic of Ambazonia”, were arrested early January in Nigeria and the people of the two English speaking regions especially Separatists still have a bitter memory about Nigeria. Was Macron going to ask President Buhari to send all Anglophone Cameroonians back?  This question and others have been hitting social media.

An anonymous Anglophone said, “He, Macron should not engage in a war, they cannot win. They cannot outfight freedom fighters. They have clearly failed to learn from their experience in Indochina and Algeria. This is the people’s war, they may have all the gold wristwatches, but we have all the time.”

Another said most African countries are suffering today because France has brought more harm than good, “Let France leave Africa because France has brought nothing but sorrow to the continent as a whole.”

On France and relationship with her former colonies, a pertinent reaction stated that, “Let Macron think about his legacy and what he will like to be remembered in the history of Africa. Let him liberate and give autonomy to French Equatorial Provinces in Africa. Let him follow the example of the Prince of Wales and the Duke of York.”

During his historic visit to Lagos this week, French President Emmanuel Macron engaged with nearly 2,000 Tony Elumelu Foundation (TEF) alumni during an exclusive interactive session.

The event was hosted and moderated by TEF Founder Tony O. Elumelu, CON and gave entrepreneurs a platform to closely engage the President and learn from his experience as one of the youngest Heads of State in recent times – all while networking and forging partnerships with French and African business leaders and policymakers in attendance.

The collaboration between the French President and TEF is a result of President Macron’s recognition that African entrepreneurs are the key to Africa’s economic transformation and his desire to connect with and elevate the voices of future leaders.