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Friday, July 6, 2018

Cameroon: A Student Of University Of Yaoundé I, Dies After Taken A Fake Whiskey At Classmate Party

A freshman in history at the University of Yaoundé I, Lorraine Justine Nnanga mysteriously goes to sleep two days after taking part in the birthday ceremony of one of her classmates.

According to information gathered, It is the day after the celebration of the birthday of one of her former friends that Lorraine will present the signs of unease while she was at the market with her mother.

The next day, reports the Mutation newspaper which also relays the information, Larraine stated feeling a general fatigue. It is finally in a state of unconsciousness that she was conducted in a health center where she gave up the soul a few hours later.

The consumption of a drink of dubious origin is according to the elder sister of the victim at the origin of this drama. The latter in fact claims to have found a bottle containing a mixture of whiskey and juice from this ceremony.

A thesis that confirms Eric a young man who also after having consumed this drink saw his health deteriorate. "Fatigue settled in me, and I started to vomit, which is where a doctor from the Sisters' Hospital said that everyone who has drunk this whiskey must consume red oil. "He says

Pending the results of the investigations in progress, the body of the victim was deposited at the morgue of the Yaoundé General Hospital.

Source: A237