Thursday, July 19, 2018

Cameroon - Security: China Donates 6.8 Million Euros To The Cameroons Army

China has granted a donation of 4.5 billion CFA francs (6.8 million euros) to the army of Cameroon facing security challenges in several regions of the country, state radio reported Thursday.

The donation was made official on Wednesday by Cameroon's Minister of Defense Joseph Beti Assomo and China's ambassador to Cameroon, Wang Ying Wu, according to CRTV.

This is a "gift" to allow the Cameroonian army to "strengthen its capabilities in its peacekeeping and security operations in the region," said the Chinese ambassador.

Cameroon faces several challenges in the Far North region where the Nigerian jihadist group Boko Haram remains active, as well as in the English-speaking regions of North-West and South-West where armed groups are fighting to establish an independent state.

The Cameroonian army is regularly accused of committing abuses on the fronts where it is engaged.

A presidential election is scheduled in Cameroon on 7 October and the sharp tensions, especially in the English-speaking region, may disrupt the vote.

At 85, outgoing President Paul Biya, of whom nearly 36 in power, is running for his own succession for a seventh term.

A dozen other personalities have submitted their applications to Election Cameroon (Elecam), the body that organizes the ballot. These files will be examined before being approved or rejected by the Constitutional Council.

Source: AFP