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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Cameroon - CPP - Kah Walla Replied Atanga Nji: "It Is With Great Surprise That We Learned Of Your Interference In The Internal Affairs Of Our Party"

Cin| The Cameroon People's Party (CPP) means its disapproval to the communiqué of the Minister of Territorial Administration designating the officials of certain parties authorized to represent them.

Here is the open letter sent by Edith Kah Walla's CPP to Paul Atanga Nji :

To the attention of the Minister of Territorial Administration,


It is with great surprise that we learned of your interference in the internal affairs of our party on the radio.

As leaders of the CPP, we would like to inform you of the following:

There is no legal basis that gives you the right to enter into the internal workings of a political party and to decide on its leaders or legal representatives.
We have not received any official documents and we have not been contacted by telephone or in person by any officer of the Ministry of Territorial Administration regarding any dispute within our political party.
Given the behavior of some of our activists who did not respect the rules and statutes of our party, we sent a correspondence to the Ministry of Territorial Administration on February 14, 2018 and March 19, 2018 to remind all concerned parties the statutes and regulations of our party.
We have excluded the following from our party, in accordance with the CPP's by-laws and statutes:
Mr. Roger Ndebi , excluded on June 06, 2017 by the decision of the National Council of the CPP
Mr. Samuel Tita Fon , excluded on March 29, 2018 by the decision of the National Council of the CPP
So it was with the greatest surprise that we learned on the radio that you chose to interfere in our internal affairs without any administrative or legal procedure and without having even telephoned or communicated with party officials.

In this respect, Mr. Minister of Territorial Administration, We, officials of the Cameroon People's Party, regularly elected at our Congress from 04 to 07 December 2014, and remaining his legal representatives wish to inform you of the following:

Your communication read by the CRTV on July 17, 2018 is null and void because it respects neither the constitution of our party, nor any administrative or judicial procedure in Cameroon.

It follows that Mr TITA FON, appointed by you, has neither the legality nor the legitimacy to speak or act on behalf of the CPP.

We will continue our work as party representatives in accordance with the legally binding constitution of the CPP, a copy of which is held by your administration.

It is regrettable that at a time when Cameroon faces serious risks to its reputation in the international community for illegal acts that go unpunished against its citizens, you as Minister of Territorial Administration , undermine our fragile democracy by committing acts outside the administrative and legal framework of our country.

We are not fooled by your maneuvers and the Cameroonian people even less. We are not at all impressed by these low works which dishonor even more Cameroon and reveal, to those who cradle illusions, the true nature of the regime which you serve. This attempt will not demobilize us, let alone prevent us from acting in accordance with our objectives.

The CPP, headed by Mrs. Edith Kahbang Walla , remains firm in its strategy to achieve a democratic political transition that begins with the departure of this regime that sinks us a little more every day in chaos, misery and tears.

We will continue to mobilize, inform and train Cameroonians to act to achieve the change they have been seeking for so many years.

In the respect of the Nation that is the Republic of Cameroon,

Done at Douala, 18 July 2018