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Friday, July 6, 2018

Cameroon: As The Distribution Of Humanitarian Aid Begins Next Week With The Sharing Of Food In The South West And North West Regions. Biya Sends Paul Atanga Nji And Other Donators To The Affected Regions

The humanitarian component of the Emergency Plan for People Victims of the Anglophone Crisis begins next week with the distribution of food in the South West and North West Regions.

The Ad-hoc Committee in charge of the emergency plan for the populations of the South-West and North-West Regions held its first meeting on Wednesday 04 July 2018 afternoon in the conference room of the Ministry of Territorial Administration. "On high instruction of the Head of State" said Paul Atanga Nji, Minister of Territorial Administration.

In his capacity as chairman of the ad hoc committee in charge of piloting the emergency plan, the super-chef de terre chaired the works in the presence of the other members of the government whose ministerial departments are involved in this surge of solidarity and generosity initiated by the Head of State Paul Biya.

On the sidelines of the point made on material and financial donations (nearly 900 million FCFA), Minister Paul Atanga Nji once again indicated that the President of the Republic is eager to see on the ground the first concrete actions in favor of victims. In this momentum, the Minister of Administration announced next week, the first food distribution operation in the Regions in prey to a socio-security crisis for two years.

"Ad-hoc Committee members will go directly to the field in the South West and North West. In order to facilitate operations, local committees were set up with administrative authorities, traditional leaders, members of civil society, Red Cross staff. All this world for a good humanitarian action of proximity "explains Paul Atanga Nji.

Revealed on Thursday, June 21, 2018 during a press briefing in Yaoundé by the Prime Minister, head of government, the emergency humanitarian assistance plan instructed by the President of the Republic is estimated at 12.7 billion FCFA

"We must start with assistance to displaced people, there is the rehabilitation of school infrastructure, health ... The reconstruction of homes destroyed. We must also encourage the recovery of economic activity. Everything will be done methodically. It is a constant preoccupation of the President of the Republic to take care of his fellow citizens in distress ... It is aware of the fact that the nationals of the North-West and South-West regions are victims of the terrorist activities which have strongly disrupted their way of life that he decided to help these people who live in a situation of distress ... To date, there are many people who have left their places of residence to end up either in other parts of Cameroon or outside. The President of the Republic asked that the point of the situation be made. Once the final report was sent to him, he immediately decided to launch this Humanitarian Emergency Plan for these populations, "said the ad hoc committee chairman in an interview with the government daily on 21 June 2018.

Source: Cameroon-Tribune