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Friday, July 6, 2018

Cameroon - Anglophone Humanitarian Assistance Hits 800 Million FCFA In Week Two

Philemon Yang

The momentum of solidarity raised by the Head of State for the benefit of the victims of the secessionist crisis in the North-West and South-West regions is being mobilized optimally by all social strata.

Less than a fortnight after its launch, the pool of the Emergency Humanitarian Assistance Plan for the English-speaking regions has grown. The total amount of contributions amounts to nearly 758 million FCFA already collected, to come to the aid of the populations of North-West and South-West, plagued by secessionist drifts.

In the aftermath of the initiative launched on June 20, 2018, the forces of the English-speaking regions kicked off the solidarity Elan sparked by the President of the Republic in favor of the inhabitants of this area in crisis. In the presence of Prime Minister Philemon Yang, the elites of North West and South West mobilized a sum of 236.400 million FCFA.

That is 118 million FCFA deposited in cash, nearly 15 million in the form of checks equivalent to 103 million FCFA. The elites of the Adamaoua region took over on June 23, 2018. The contributions of the elites of this region culminated at 21.450 million FCFA. Meeting on June 26, under the leadership of Minister of Higher Education Jacques Fame Ndongo, the southern elites also broke the piggy bank in Ebolowa. The pool collected here amounts to 120,100 million FCFA.

Part in the wake, the Central region followed suit on June 27th. In the presence of municipal magistrates, internal and external elites, the economic operators of this administrative district, nearly 152 million FCFA were handed over to Minister Atanga Nji of the Territorial Administration.

The northern region, for its part, has already mobilized more than 42 million FCFA. Monday, July 2, 2018, the Littoral region has, in turn, announced the colors. After a collection operation initiated by Governor Samuel Dieudonné Ivaha Diboua, it was able to mobilize 229.437 million FCFA in Douala. This fundraising includes hard cash contributions (112,197,500 FCFA), checks (52.25,000 FCFA) and pledges of 53.9 million FCFA.

Taking into account the 11, 365 million FCFA collected spontaneously during the sensitization meeting held on June 23, the total amount of contributions of the Littoral region is around CFAF 229,438 million. Donors paid in cash, but checks were also issued along with promises. In this register, Dangote distinguished itself with a pledge of 40 million FCFA, representing the amount of the highest contribution.

The smallest contribution recorded is 2000 FCFA. While waiting to reach the 12,716 billion FCFA expected for the financing of this broad operation of solidarity, the collection will continue in the other regions pending the share of the State from the budget but also, the opportunity left to the International community. with