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Sunday, July 1, 2018

Cameroon - Anglophone Crisis: This Is How Babadjou Gendarmerie Station Was Attacked

Till Now Security Forces Are Still Searching For The Attackers Of Babadjou Gendarmerie Station.

237| It was during the night of 26 to 27 June 2018 that unidentified individuals landed at the gendarmerie station in Babadjou (western region of Cameroon), where an attack, now attributed to the secessionists, took place. According to information relayed by the daily Le jour Thursday, June 28, three attackers arrived around 21 hours on a motorcycle.

They first forced the back door of the post in vain, before falling back on the main door. Only the guard policeman, who had sensed this foreign presence, had already issued an alert, which led these visitors to open fire. Reinforcement arrived soon after, to force the attackers to flee. The newspaper also indicates that the police organized a fight on the morning of 27 June.

Researches are pursued day after throughout the city of Babadjou to get their hands on the perpetrators of this attack.

The attack on the Babadjou gendarmerie brigade came just three months after a rumor announced the imminent entry of secessionists into the western region. This rumor had circulated in the district of Fongo Tongo, to the point where the sub-prefect was forced to publish a statement to calm the population.

Coming up shortly: And the security forces searching for the Attackers of Babadjou Gendarmerie Station