Monday, July 9, 2018

Buea Update: Utterances And Threats From Lord Mayor Of Buea Forced Amba Boys To Attack Town

Mayor Ekema lives in Douala but his words has caused serious battle right now in the city of Buea.

Last week the Buea mayor had promise to fight Amba boys, accused them of causing the last Monday ghost town. The mayor further promised war with anyone at fault.

" Who are the ones advising Mayor Ekema? Someone should ask him keep his mouth shut. He is provoking Amba boys & attracting the thuggish BIR soldiers here in Buea. He lives in Douala and now this Cameroonian soldiers will us all here. We fear them" Resident says.

There is ongoing gunshots between Cameroonian security forces and some unidentified armed militant Anglophone groups.

This is coming from a location near GCE board where some examination makers are currently taking records of the last GCE exams written in Cameroon.