Sunday, July 8, 2018

Appointment: An Anglophone Named To The Post Of PCA Of ENAM

It is by a decree signed by President of the Republic his Excellency Paul Biya last July 05, that Mrs. Feh Helen Kwanga of English expression, was appointed to the post of president of the board of directors of the prestigious national school of Administration and Magisture (ENAM).

Another decree of the President of the Republic signed that same day bears Mr Ebal Menuye Edmond at the head of the National Institute of Youth and Sports (INJS) of Yaounde.

As deputy director of this institution, we have Mr. Wadou Fofou Chamberlain also appointed by the same presidential decree.

The third decree for its part, consecrates the former Minister of sports and physical education, Adoum Garoua, chairman of the board of directors of injs.