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Thursday, July 5, 2018


A237| An attack by armed individuals on the morning of Wednesday, 05 July in Balikumbat in the North West region, caused the death of a policeman.

Security sources indicate without further details that heavily armed individuals, probably belonging to the armed wing of the separatists, stormed the Balikumbat security post.

The official record of this other attack is a dead side Cameroonian defense forces.

The attack hitherto unrequited by secessionists, thus increases the number of victims of the crisis that has shaken the South West and North West regiments for almost two years

On 10 June, an element of the Special Amphibious Battalion (BSA) named Mba Duracel, had been coldly shot by machete secessionists in Mamfe, in the Southwest region.

A few days later, another attack by the attackers in Mbengwi will cost life to an element of Bir.

According to the report produced by the Cameroonian government, more than 80 military and police officers as well as a hundred civilians were killed in this conflict between the English-speaking armed groups and the Cameroonian defense forces in the North-West and South-West regions.