Sunday, July 8, 2018

Anglophone Humanitarian Emergency Plan: Ngouchingue Sylvestre, Ceo CONGELCAM Donates 100 Million FCFA Making Western Region The Highest Contributors

Senator Ngouchingue Sylvestre

The solidarity drive prescribed by President Biya in favor of victims of the Anglophone crisis continues to make big donors.

The businessman Al Hadji Baba Danpulo, who has so far made the biggest contribution (50 million FCFA) in this fundraising operation has just been doubled ahead.

Indeed, After, the Northwest; South West; Adamoua; Littoral; the North; or the Center, it is up to the western region to follow suit with a show of force.

Two economic operators native to this region alone managed to pay 100 million FCFA each. It is precisely the owner of the Congelcam fishmongers, Senator Ngouchingue Sylvestre and his friend of the Djeuda Palace, the Honorable Feuteu Claude.

Among other things, we also noted the contributions of the Express Union group (25 million), Governor of the West (2 million), Emmanuel Dzete, Government delegate Bafoussam (2 million).

The sum collected at the end of this operation in the Western Region, we learn, is 430 million

This emergency assistance plan launched on June 20, 2018 requires an envelope of nearly 13 billion FCFA. It is financed by the state budget, the call for national solidarity and the contribution of international partners

An amount that aims to help refugees in terms of housing, education, health, shelter, water, hygiene and sanitation, social assistance and the reconstruction of the economic fabric.

Prime Minister Philemon Yang has announced the start of its execution for next week.

Source: A237