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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Anglophone Crisis: Recent Armed Attacks In Bamenda Creates Panic

237actu| These past weeks have been particularly turbulent in the North West region. The violent clashes between the secessionist groups and the Cameroonian defense forces have increased.

There are reports that several secessionist attacks in and around Bamenda have created widespread psychosis among residents of Bamenda. "It's up to everyone to run and find where to take refuge, or stay flat on the ground, to avoid being killed by a bullet." People go in all directions, weapons crackle, "says a source to our fellow Mutation.

We also learn that a local drink flow denominated "champions league", was burned by the attackers during the attack of Tuesday, July 17 last.

Afraid of this instability, some inhabitants of these localities have deserted their homes to seek refuge in the surrounding towns of Mbouda and Bafoussam.

At the beginning corporatist, the socio-political crisis which paralyzes the regions of North-West and South-West takes from now worrying proportions.

At the beginning of last May, numerous secessionist attacks perpetrated by a secessionist armed branch in Ediki, a locality in the Southwest region, had drained the population of this locality towards the towns of Mbanga and Nkongsamba in the department of Mungo.

Source: 237actu