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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

"We Must First Create The Conditions For A Return To Peace Before Thinking About The Humanitarian Emergency Plan, Says Hilaire Kamga

A237| Invited as part of the sacred morning program on Radio Balafon yesterday Monday, June 25, 2018, Hilaire Kamga candidate of the Orange offer party for the salvation of Cameroon in the upcoming presidential election, is also back on this debate that has been fueling Cameroonian opinion for a while.

In particular the humanitarian aid plan instituted by the president for anglophone refugees.

The politician for his part believes that we must first think of solving the problem of the Anglophone crisis before thinking about a possible reconstruction.

"If there are people who have become mentally ill in Mr. Biya's regime, we can not posit globally that all Cameroonians have become mentally ill. to say that you are rebuilding, it is not possible, it is not even possible, you can not while we are still talking about schools being destroyed, villages that are being burned, you say we are rebuilding, we can not rebuild without pacifying! "he said.

By denouncing the incompetence of the regime in place in the management of this crisis which has become according to the latter a "War", the opponent believes that it is time to reverse the trend.

"We deserve better than that and it shows the way of the position of an incompetent government under a leadership unfortunately obsolete that we will have to sweep naturally," he continues.

To conclude, Hilaire Kamga indicates that the persons indicated to lead a dialogue in the English-speaking crisis are Cardinal Christian Tumi and Chief Mukété, two influential people in these regions plagued by secessionist violence.