Wednesday, June 27, 2018

"We Do Not Cure Cancer With Aspirin" Says Me Emmanuel Simh On Paul Biya Humanitarian Emergency Plan

CIN|The Movement for the Recognition of Cameroon (MRC) disapproves of the Government's Emergency Relief Plan for the North West and Southwest Regions launched last week. Guest of the television program Canal Presse (Canal 2 international) on June 24, 2018, Emmanuel Simh said that his party would have taken a different approach. He speaks of an act of "roguery" and argues that "we do not cure cancer with aspirin".

The 3rd vice president of the opposition party recalled that proposed from the English crisis "lots of solutions that cost no frank." The lawyer quipped on Yaoundé's power tactics. "The Cameroonian government has a method which is when there is a problem to start by saying that there is not one. When we pass denial and we start lip service by saying "yes anyway there is a problem" ... All the same! Mr. Atanga Nji is Cameroon's minister but he said that there is no problem, but the billions are coming out. So there is still a problem! "

Emmanuel Simh explains that violence and imprisonment as much as attempts to bribe English-speaking leaders were not the solution. He thinks that the problem of substance has been minimized. This has had the effect of radicalizing even the youngest. Because, he reports, even children aged 8 to 10 are involved in the fight of their elders since they no longer want to go to school. He believes that in an environment where the public seems to adhere to what is happening, the situation is more complicated to manage. For him, the crisis could have been solved a little earlier by talking with the protesters before the most extreme of them took up arms. He speaks of  "a story that goes beyond those in government" .