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Saturday, June 30, 2018

This Is How Diplomat Jean Baptiste Lemoyne Arrives Buea Yesterday With Heavy Escort Amid Fear As He Escaped Ambush

CIN| The war between separatists and the Cameroon Defense Forces has experienced a new development yesterday Friday, June 29, 2018 at midday.

The armed clashes left the neighboring communities in Buea like Muyuka, or cities not far away like Kumba, for the Muea, Mile 16 and Mile 18 neighborhoods of Buea. An almost urban fight that made people flee.

After about four hours of sporadic shootings (the balance sheet is not yet available), the regular army has regained control of the capital city of Sud-Ouest, one of the two English-speaking regions in the grip of a socio-political crisis for two years.

It is in this troubled context that Jean Baptiste Lemoyne, Secretary of State for the Minister of Europe and Foreign Affairs spent a few hours in Buea. He arrived under heavy escort from Yaounde where he was received a few hours earlier in audience at the Palace of Unity by Paul Biya, the President of the Republic.

"Jean Baptiste Lemoyne received a warm welcome in Buea and had a fruitful meeting with local authorities and civil society in the South West," said Gilles Thibault, the French Ambassador to Cameroon, a member of the official delegation that accompanied Jean Baptiste Lemoyne in the Southwest Region.

With the Cameroonian Head of State on the one hand and his guests met in Buea on the other hand, the French government member exchanged on the ways and means of a way out of crisis in the North West and South West .

The emissary of the French head of state, Emmanuel Macron, said that only dialogue can bring peace.

France, which has always advocated dialogue at a distance, is thus embarking on a new approach in finding solutions to the Anglophone crisis.