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Friday, June 29, 2018

President Sisiku Ayuk tabe: "It did not seem to us that Ayuk Tabe and his companions suffered physical harm of any kind" says Mr. Claude Assira, lawyer of English-speaking leaders

CIN| Me Claude Assira knows a little more about the fate of the leaders of the English-speaking separatists arrested in Nigeria and brought back to Cameroon in January 2018. The council of the other activists of the North-West and the South-West still in judgment reported to Radio Equinoxe On June 28, 2018, some of his colleagues told him that they had gone to see them so that they could organize themselves better for the judicial relay. Mr. Assira explains that he did not have the opportunity to meet the secessionist prisoners for administrative reasons and availability. He said he does not want to say where they are locked up at the stage where the case is, but said they are at the "usual place of custody".

To the question, "Were they tortured? Claude Assira had this answer: "Not at all! It did not seem to us anyway. It must be said that they have been there for a little more than five months. It did not seem to us in light of the reports made to us and so far that they have been subjected to physical abuse of any kind. "

On their state of mind he says that when meeting their lawyers "they have rather given the impression of being resigned, relatively serene. Many of them already know a little about the process, which will happen. So do not expect much even though they do not seem to be able to carry the burden of the charges that are made on them. "

For Me Assira the charges of terrorism and secession are among the offenses that could be charged to them. He makes this assumption because they figured in the first two waves of trials of English-speaking contestants.

The lawyer deplores the non-respect of the procedure in this area by the judicial authorities. It alludes to the "not very clear" suspects' detention period that was renewed every 15 days since their repatriation just because there is no specific time limit.

Claude Assira says that according to those who visited the detainees, at the end of the search phase police gendarmerie the file will be forwarded to the court and should be fixed in the coming days dates of the beginning of hearings of their trial.