Thursday, June 28, 2018

Paul Biya: A life in search of peace

Paul Biya is a statesman steeped in experience who understood very early the need to always seek peace.


It is in Man of experience that President Paul Biya presented his plea for peace on September 22, 2017 at the United Nations tribune on the occasion of the 72nd General Assembly of this world body. "We are all beggars for peace," he said then as if to create a real synergy for the quest for this precious good. The philosophy of action of the Cameroonian President is based at all times on the quest for peace, the resolution of conflicts through the voice of dialogue. A penchant for peace that is not ex nihilo. Arrived very early (1962) in the high administration, he had the opportunity during this journey to confront several conflict situations and assess their impact on the lives of people.

Peace is a guarantee of development, Paul Biya knows, and his choices of internal governance as well as his foreign policy, are based on dialogue, tolerance, listening, patience. His approach in managing Bakassi's cross-border conflict has earned him the title of "Africa's sage". While he could have quarreled with his neighbors (RCA, Nigeria) who harbor hotbeds of tension very harmful to the stability of Cameroon, President Paul Biya chooses to create frameworks of consultation for a pooling of efforts. The pooling of efforts, a concept he has managed to popularize in the fight against terrorism and which is now proven in many parts of the world in the grip of this threat. President Paul Biya declared that "a more united world is the sine qua non of peace on earth" and beyond acts, this man is active in bringing solidarity and tolerance to life. Tolerance between peoples, between cultures, it is this same tolerance that he advocates within the rich diversity of the Cameroonian people. He has made national unity his leitmotiv because he thinks, the linguistic and cultural diversity are "exceptional assets for Cameroon, in that they give the opportunity to the people to have access to two major crops and to dialogue, in their languages, with a large number of countries, especially in Africa ".

Yes, President Biya is logically a follower of dialogue. Moreover, in the current crisis in the North-West and South-West regions, he has repeatedly reached out for constructive exchanges. Listening missions are frequently deployed in these regions, and even within the diaspora to end the unrest and continue the construction of the country. Other weaknesses could be blamed on him, but his efforts for the permanent search for peace can not be honestly questioned. Despite the dark pictures that the enemies of Cameroon are stubbornly drawing, the facts are sacred and the great actions of the Cameroonian head of state are indelible. His actions have remained in history, his legacy is established and in this great wisdom that he is recognized, no doubt he will always invest in promoting the label "haven of peace" of Cameroon.

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