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Thursday, June 28, 2018

MIDA scam : The Center governor denounces rumor

CIN| In a statement read in the newspaper of 13 hours of the national post of the CRTV on June 27, 2018, Paul Naseri Bea warns against the action of individuals who would collect money for the purpose of organizing demonstrations against the public authorities.

Has the Development Mission for Africa (MIDA) wanted to do wrongdoing these days? The governor of Central Region responds in the affirmative. In a statement read in the 13-hour newspaper of the national station of CRTV June 27, 2018, Paul Naseri Bea warns the public against the action of individuals who would collect money in order to organize demonstrations against Public powers. It indicates that these require from each subscriber the amount, refundable, of 3000 CFA francs.

Below is the full text of the Central Governor's news release

The Governor of the Central Region informs those who have subscribed with the organization called the African Development Mission for Abbreviated MIDA that malicious individuals plan to organize a fund-raising operation to finance the development of organization of demonstrations against the public authorities to organize the reimbursement of the expenses subscribed with the said organization. For this purpose a sum of 3000 CFA francs is required to each subscriber under the fallacious pretext that the said contribution would condition the repayment in due time of the deposits made. Therefore, the Governor not only warns the perpetrators of this other form of scam, but also calls on disillusioned subscribers to be vigilant while admonishing them not to adhere to any irresponsible slogans or participate to an unauthorized public event.