Thursday, June 28, 2018

Late Sam Soya's brother, Terence was killed by Military

The late Sam Soya's brother killed in Belo has been identity as Terence, he was reportedly killed by the military along side with four others during a shootout, till his death Terence was Ambazonia fighter commander in charge of Belo unit.

CIN|In the heavy exchanges of shots, a man known as Terence, brother of the famous dreadlock looking man Sam Soya, killed by Military, was discovered dead, lying some 100 meters from the Mbingo Baptist Hospital.

Ambazonia fighters in Belo, Fundong all in Boyo Division, North West region of Cameroon during the shootout.

But the battle also had many military dead men, a source recounts that military truck transporting dead victims left Belo late Tuesday with moving vehicle at unusual slow pace where could be heard moaning inside.

Civilians were also caught in the crossfire at the Fundong Grand Stand and a popular Snack bar, "Jarco Decor", were set on fire.

While the mutilated body of the second in command at the Fundong Police was suspected on the tarmac early Tuesday, he was abducted by Ambazonia fighters.

Oven Killed In Bafut

Four men were also killed in Bafut, Momo Division in the North West region, a similar confrontation. A madman, credit union staff and two others were shot dead by the Bafut District Hospital Mortuary.

In retaliation, armed men on Wednesday blocked a truck transporting brewery products from The Breweries of Cameroon. The incident took place around Njibujang, the drinks were seized and given to villagers.

Batibo-Bafut-Bali-Bamenda Blocked Road

For three days now, vehicles plying the Bamenda-Bali-Bafut-Batibo-Kumba-Mamfe road network have been stranded as they are blocked.