Wednesday, June 27, 2018

If you say that Anglophones are marginalized because they are not appointed, you are lying, Paul Atanga Nji

CIN| Paul Atanga Nji persists and signs. The Minister of Territorial Administration maintains that Anglophones in Cameroon are not marginalized. On Monday, June 25, 2018 the guest of CRTV's program "Presidency News" maintained that "Paul Biya has given Anglophones preferential treatment" since his accession to the leadership of Cameroon. According to him, they got a lot of positions of responsibility.

Paul Atanga Nji recalled that in 1993 he had already invited English speakers to say thank you to Paul Biya for what he gave them. "I take the trouble to explain to x people. You can not talk about marginalization in a context where you control more than 40% of the positions in the central administration, "he added, adding that every time honest people read his publications they came back to tell him that they were not aware of this reality, that we wanted to mislead them.

To show President Paul Biya's commitment to the English-speaking regions, the coordinator of the North West and Southwest Emergency Plan reminds that his first official visit took place in Bamenda in February 1983 and that he 'is expressed in English. "The head of state said:" Bamenda is my second home. We even enthralled the head of state "fon des fons", he says.

His other visits to Bamenda in 1984 and 1985 are also evoked as proof of this "preferential treatment". Atanga Nji puts forward the fact that Paul Biya chose Buea at the expense of Foumban for the celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of the reunification and independence of Cameroon.

"If you say, for example, that anglophones are marginalized because they are not named, you are lying, you are deceiving people. That's the reality. The statistics are there, "asserts the minister. Which indicates that 3 of the 4 private banks approved in Cameroon since 1982 belong to the anglophones.