Thursday, June 28, 2018

Former Director of Garoua International Airport, accused of embezzlement

CIN| The case is pending before the Special Criminal Court (TCS ). On June 22, the panel of judges examining the case began the trial of the case. Indeed, Mr. Guekem Tekwen, former director of the Garoua International Airport is accused by the company Les Aéroports du Cameroun (ADC), misappropriation of public property of 684.7 million FCFA. According to the weekly Kalara of Monday, June 25, 2018, the principal defendant is currently meditating his fate in Yaoundé-Kondengui central prison, but claims his innocence.

 According to the indictment dated March 18, 2018, this dispute arose out of the repair market at the passenger terminal at Garoua International Airport. ADC awarded the contract to Silicon Technology System. During the execution of the said contract, the components of the former roof of the passenger terminal were completely changed and stored in a corner of the airport. But in 2013, it was found that some of the material removed from the roof of the passenger terminal took an unknown direction, the newspaper says. An expert assessed the missing material at 684.7 million francs. An accusing finger is pointed at Mr. Guekem Tekwem, as his associates claim to have seen her "escort trucks loaded with materials out of the airport".

An accusation followed by several similar from his collaborators, will be swept away by the accused by the accused that he charges "cabal orchestrated against his person". In his attempts to explain, he said he took office as director of the airport on May 16, 2012, while the work was underway, reports the weekly. He requested that the "rubbish" be stored inside the airport while waiting for instructions from the hierarchy on his behavior. However, no minutes detailing the disputed material were issued. During the repair work on the terminal, Mr. Guekem Tekwem stated that he had encountered the adversity of the project manager, who "repeatedly threatened him that he had the right to 'use scrap for work'. And only Silicon had the truck and the crane that could be used to move the disputed material.