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Saturday, June 2, 2018

Cameroon: Tribunal de Grande Instance issued arrest warrant against the Bâtonnier Ngnié Kamga "president of the Cameroon Bar Association" for fraud and false coaction

L'Anecdote| The investigating judge at the Tribunal de Grande Instance (Tgi) of Lom and Djerem, eastern region of Cameroon, has just issued an arrest warrant against Francis Jackson Ngnié Kamga, president of the Cameroon Bar Association. "The bâtonnier and seven other co-defendants are indicted by this court for acts of swindle gang and coaction of forgery," reveals the newspaper L'Anecdote on newsstands Friday, June 1, 2018.

The file, whose contents are mentioned in the columns of the newspaper, reveals " a cleverly orchestrated stratagem to fraudulently grab the inheritance of a family that turns out to be a company called Cfe, weighing hundreds of millions of dollars. FCFA ". An analysis of the documents produced in the file revealed incongruities.

These include three notarial deeds carrying curiously the same numbers, same folio, boxes, numbers of slips, up to the same amounts of money paid by notaries presented as being co-accused of the president.

According to the newspaper, this accusation follows an open judicial investigation against the aforementioned and his "accomplices", including four notaries, and Lebanese industrialists. The order of non-place and partial return made by the Tgi of Lom and Djerem, ruling in criminal cases, drawn up on February 5, 2018, indicates that it is " because Ngnié Kamga has never deigned to present himself for his indictment that an arrest warrant has been issued for that purpose . "

Francis Jackson Ngnié Kamga is now forced to explain these facts that overwhelm him. " Facts reinforced by evidence against him by some of his co-accused, " says the Anecdote.