Friday, June 29, 2018

Cameroon: "Tribalism Makes Idiots Genocide Says Laziz Nchare

Why does tribalism make us stupid and idiots in Cameroon? I will not go around the bush, "the tribal trap" that is to say "ethnic chauvinism is a real collective suicide in Cameroon by Paul Biya, which is not an isolated case in Africa. is an understatement.

I am just stunned and even strongly against this phenomenon and I want to express myself candidly to this plague without sparing anyone. After more than 58 years of independence, the texts that are produced by our academics of the RDPC galaxy, what the late Charles Ateba Eyene called "organizing country" confirms the idea of ​​the danger of the "rwandisation" of Cameroon on the eve of the effective end of the Biya regime.

I would have thought that these problems were less important today, but not. The people of Yaoundé and Douala are actually a melting pot, and therefore a virtually homogeneous mixture of all ethnicities of Cameroon, and therefore seems a very interesting subject of study. Stigmatizing tontines as naively naive Owona Nguini seems to me to be the proof of a gross analytical myopia to the extent that the tontine is a typically African economic system that has always been a factor of assembly in our large cities.

As such, tontines even tribal character rather gather the Cameroonians without dividing them. Generally, even community tontines bring together members of other ethnicities without creating any form of discrimination. Why does tribalism make us stupid? I will start with a paradox. Since I do my analysis on social networks, I never asked a single journalist to resume my texts. But one day, the renowned journalist J. Rémy Ngono questioned me about one of my texts and wanted to make it public, and I did not hesitate to give my agreement.

At first I was very touched by his gesture of humility because already we did not know each other, even as I had heard a lot about him in 1998 on his shows "Coup Franc" in the city of Yaounde. It is this program that pushed him into exile. I want to thank him for his fight, because it is a courage of "prometheus" to be Beti in Cameroon and to stand up against the barons of the CPDM regime.

Tribalism is a real cancer for the harmonious evolution of a young country like Cameroon. I followed with great interest the polemics between Njoya Moussa and Cabral Libii, then the invectives of Owona Nguini against Maurice Kamto, and even a suicidal exit of Ernest Obama who stands as impresario of Vision 4 of Amougou Belinga, where Beti Power is exposing the nauseating horror of ethnic chauvinism that prevents us from showing empathy, that is to say, to put ourselves in the shoes of others and see the things of their point of view.

This question of perspective, angle of view and even empathy is crucial. Because, it is that which defuses many tensions, undesirable deleterious and clashes between ethnic groups by putting oneself in the place of others, and by considering it, validly, its fears and fears like a human being in the same as yourself! Never forget, if Ahidjo, a northerner had not resigned to hand over power to Paul Biya, a Southerner of the Bulu minority, the Beti would not have come to power.

In short, my analysis of the "tribal trap" is a cry to all Cameroonians without distinction to invite us to move the withdrawal identity to the restrictive circle of our clan or ethnic group, or even our extended family to that of the universal man , from the "afropolitain" to paraphrase Achile Mbembe, or simply to arrive at the man as a whole and a unit that accepts and honors the values ​​of ethnic diversity that constitute an indescribable wealth for Cameroon. We like to describe ourselves as "Africa in miniature", but we look like earthenware dogs.

If not, why the MRC convention has come to make the Beti clan out of control to erect Professor Kamto in the Pantheon of the leader of a Bamileke tontine where he aspires to just lead Cameroon like all other Cameroonians? position to such not because he is of this or that ethnicity, because he is loyal to Paul Biya and the CPDM, but because he meets criteria of excellence and competence that give him a distinction deserved to serve the nation. Why is tribalism worse than racism? I want to start with a little anecdote.

When I obtained the BAC in 1998 at Malantouen High School, my father being a convinced activist of the UDC wanted me to study in Morocco not to suffer, he said, "the tribalism of the people of the CPDM in Yaoundé". My first reaction to this apprehension was to suggest that he meet Dr. Adamou Ndam Njoya for his advice. We arrived in Yaoundé on September 9, 1998 and met the leader of the UDC the following day.

After the presentations, my father spoke to express his desire to continue my studies in Morocco. And big was my surprise when the leader of the UDC categorically refused to send me to Morocco. I give you the summary of his explanation: "Why Morocco? Will enroll the child at the University of Yaounde I, at 18, he is still very young to go abroad. If this boy gets out of Yaoundé I, he will get out everywhere.

The advantage of letting him study there in Yaounde is that he will take advantage of this to build friendships and camaraderie with Cameroonians of various origins. That will do him a lot of good in the future. "With these words, my father decided to enroll in Yaoundé I where I obtained a DEA in Linguistics under the direction of a Beti professor and the head of department was also Beti . This is the greatest irony in my university education. My father feared the Beti tribalism in Yaounde, but at the end, it was the Beti who were my mentors and my sponsors, all of them being CPDM.

I solemnly and rightly say in my boots, Cameroonians can not be offended by racism and negrophobia against Westerners and at the same time validate ethnic prejudices (like that of my own father). This experience taught me to share things! The second irony is that when I characterize Dr. Adamou Ndam Njoya as my mentor, it is the Bamum and not the Cameroonians of other ethnicities who cover me with insults on the pretext that he is "opponent" and that he is the origin of the troubles in Foumban! But he has just the firm conviction of the republican values ​​which pass the state before any other clannish consideration. We can not aspire to build a Cameroonian nation worthy of the name without taking into account the social impregnation, the historico-cultural weight, the contexts by making a maximum of effort to make the balance of things, otherwise, one becomes everything simply the poor leader of his clan. Federalism has the real ingredients to bring lasting peace to Cameroon.

The symbol of the Nigerian state is the kola. Cameroon can be organized into regions to form coherent large sub-groups that manage autonomously without there being inter-ethnic wars to control the highly centralized state budget in Yaoundé. We can therefore hope that our public authorities will learn to remain coherent and to consider sincerely the form of the State that takes into account the sociological structure of all of Cameroon.

We must no longer continue to validate tribalism and complain paradoxically of negrophobia: this hypocrisy is expressed in the discipline of the double ethics as "the false logic". That's what consecrates our collective stupidity. Any form of arrogance, hatred, and ethnic chauvinism is suicidal first for oneself and for other members of other ethnic groups, that's what triggers inter-ethnic wars of an uncontrollable proportion.

Instead of fighting each other, it is high time to declare open war against the real leeches of "ethnic chauvinism"! Yes, I am "Bamum and proud to be"! But I never intend to defend a single Bamum against another Cameroonian non Bamum if the latter has done harm to other Cameroonian compatriots. Yes, I would also fight like a lion to defend the rights of the last Bamum if he is unjustly the victim of an abuse of power by a non-Bamum compatriot.

Of course I will have the free conscience to campaign for a party with which I am very comfortable because of the nature of its ideology and the nationalism of its leader! The exacerbation of the "Cameroon Problem" was born of the Anglophone crisis denied by the bourgeois elite close to the Beti clan who controls the power in Cameroon.

The English problem has always been real and persists, basically, because the Cameroonian elites in their incompetence wanted to sell "the Cameroon one and indivisible" very dear to the president of the republic. In their logic of perpetual confiscation of power, the barons and academics close to the CPDM have had a great interest in all Francophones integrate this "pseudo-war to death against Anglophones" passed for "secessionist", "separatist" and then "terrorists who slaughter our valiant soldiers"! Yet it is a strategy to divide and rule, as long as the people (the people) fight against itself, it does not realize that its misery is part of the objective, collective and implacable global.

Malgovernance, corruption, misappropriation of public funds, clientelism are crimes committed by our leaders recruited certainly among the nationals of each ethnic group, but whose leadership is controlled by the Beti clan which directs all the policy of the RDPC regime. It is the people close to the Beti clan who are mostly sent to prison for embezzlement of public funds. Which does not mean that all Betis are thieves.

Nevertheless, if one of your teeth is rotten, we will say in Africa that all your teeth are rotten. The most comical political stalemate in Cameroon is that the current tribal political elites in power play exactly the same game as the French and English settlers before them.

Recall that these colonists, after independence, almost systematically, have preferred to install at the head of our newly independent countries, their puppets from the least well-off communities, the least developed and politically structured to ostentatiously dominate the others communities, with the strategic objective of lowering the level of consciousness of the new ruling bourgeoisie and of suppressing any long-term nationalist vision and reducing them to strict parasitic consumerism, mismanagement, squandering and selling away of resources. natural for the pleasure of Western hawks who did not hesitate to decapitate all true nationalist leaders.

Um Nyobe, Felix Moumie, Osende Afana, Ernest Ouandjie and many other Cameroonian nationalists were massacred by France to install puppets like Ahidjo. This disastrous strategy has also had the effect of reducing the rebellious capacity of the neo-colonists ruling the country.

For the more servile one is to France, as is the case with Biya, the more submissive and malleable to the former colonizing power. It is in that logic that the readiness of the Biya regime to massacre the population at every peaceful demonstration must be recorded. When the regime is itself illegitimate and it is believed that the country is a field of yams that must never be given to anyone, considering the other ethnic groups, some more than others, as mortal enemies, we harvest the dangerous civil war on the horizon. "Divide and conquer" therefore becomes a magic formula that continues to prove itself in Cameroon, it is the case to say it and to denounce it! And to better sow and fuel the division within the Cameroonian state, France's external influences continue to rely on our fracture lines, and therefore on ethnic tensions.

This makes it possible to give up the power for life to the CPDM regime by weakening in passing all political parties close to the opposition. It is time to wake up as a people and say no to "tribalism" and especially to resist any temptation to retreat. That's why I denounce the hateful and dangerous rhetoric of scholars close to the CPDM. They must cease their cynicism on our television sets. Another Cameroon will only be possible if we get out of our shackles of "ethnic chauvinism".

Laziz Nchare