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Saturday, June 2, 2018

Cameroon - Security: The Cameroonian Army Neutralized 50 Boko Haram Terrorists In The Far North

237acut| Fifty terrorists belonging to the Islamist sect Boko-Haram were killed yesterday Friday, June 1 in the Far North region by the Cameroonian defense forces.

Security sources indicate that 50 members of the Islamist sect Boko-Haram were neutralized during a sweep conducted by the Cameroonian army in the Far North.

This operation, as indicated by the Triweekly L'Oeil du Sahel edition of Friday, June 1, 2018, was successful thanks to the pooling of forces between the Cameroonian army and the Nigerian army. Cameroonian defense took place in several localities in Nigeria and allowed the liberation of the riparian localities exceeded by the suicide attacks of Boko-Haram ".

During this mission we learn, about ten members of the sect were arrested in addition to 50 slaughtered. The localities of Zigué and Ziguagué threatened by terrorist incursions in the extreme region have been liberated.

A few days ago, a joint monitoring mission conducted by the Cameroonian and Nigerian defense forces had intercepted a cargo of 300,000 rounds destined to supply terrorists.

As a reminder, the Islamist sect Boko-Haram has for four years in the Gulf of Guinea in general and in the northern part of Cameroon in particular, continues to perpetrate abuses and incursions that destabilize the countries of this region.