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Friday, June 1, 2018

Cameroon: Louis Marie Ondoa, former glory of the sporting cannon Yaounde passes on

Source| Ondoa Louis Marie Bernard died yesterday, Thursday, May 31, 2018 while undergoing treatment in a hospital center in Yaoundé. Death At 59 years old, Louis Marie Ondoa is a name inscribed on the register of players who wrote the most beautiful pages of local football of the 70s-80s.

From his small name, Johan Cruyff, in reference to an old glory Dutch football, Louis Maris Ondoa had his best years of football under the colors of sportsman Yaoundé, Cameroon's most successful club internationally.

"He was having fun with the ball, he was really playing like Johan Cruyff. Very fine dribbler, "recalls Joseph Kamga, former star of the Douala Sports Union and Indomitable Lions.

"I knew Cruijff who was the generation of footballers after mine when he took his first steps in the Canon of Yaounde. Longilinear and very young, the opposing defenders began to take him very seriously when his incisive penetrations ball foot, hurt, very bad indeed. Subsequently, we were a bit together in the National University Team of Cameroon "testifies Albert Nguidjol, another former Cameroonian football star.

Outside the stadiums, Louis Marie Ondoa was a recognized intellectual who served in various sectors. "After retiring from the competition as players, Louis Marie Ondoa fully embraced the management and administration of Football and after the debacle of Cameroon in 1994 at the United States World Cup, under the pressure of our elder Emmanuel Mvé, we organized for the creation of the Association of Cameroonian Footballers (AFC), today SYNAFOC. At the AFC level, Cruiff's relevance, eloquence and commitment made him the first ever Secretary General of the AFC, and me his Deputy. And later we were co-opted in 1996 to the Board of Directors of the Cameroon Football Federation where I was elected Deputy Secretary General of FECAFOOT. In the performance of my duties, I had the opportunity to discover the commitment of Cruijff but especially his noble and high conviction on the reliance of Cameroonian football ... I must also remember that LOUIS Marie Ondoa also had a very full head because he was a senior executive at the Caisse Nationale de la Prévoyance Sociale (CNPS), "says Albert Nguidjol, who knew the deceased well.

A few hours after the announcement of the death of "Johan Cruyff", a member of the bereaved family was willing to reveal the circumstances of this death which surprised everyone because Louis Marie Ondoa, although suffering, had left home for his shopping in town.

"On Wednesday, he goes to the doctor for a problem of nerves. Arrived, the doctor tells him that he will make an MRI of the head. But he returns it because his patient had eaten in the morning while the operation must be done fasting. "I'll call you back for another appointment," the doctor told him. On Thursday, he goes to Calafatas with his son to take chocolate breads. At the time of going out and while he was preparing to eat, he receives the phone call from the doctor informing him that he is expected at the clinic. He goes there ... The doctor tells him that he will be given a general anesthesia before the exam. (His head was moving regularly and it had become a tic, while you had to stabilize your head to do the IRM). This is how anesthesia is applied to him from which he will never recover. It caused a cardiac arrest "reports our colleague Boney