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Saturday, June 9, 2018

Cameroon: Joint Aviation Authorities Training Organization (JAATO) Set to Train Different Players in the Field of Civil Aviation Regulation

The objective of this agreement, according to Cameroon Tribune on newsstands on Thursday, June 7, 2018, is the training of various actors in the field of aviation regulations. In detail, we learn, it is planned in the short term training sessions within the school of the CCAA, but also training for local instructors " to qualify them and allow the strengthening of internal capacities and sustainable training school according to JAATO standards ".

The agreement also states that the activities will include the deployment of training management tools and the sharing of marketing activities. The purpose of this partnership is to make the CCAA the satellite of JAATO, the main European training organization for aviation regulation, in the sub-region.

Paula de Almeida, director of JAATO, said: " This partnership aims to make Cameroon a center for developing civil aviation skills in Central Africa and Africa. This partnership will also allow JAATO trainings to become accessible for the first time on the continent . "

It must be said that the CCAA training school has the necessary assets to meet these expectations. It, which, in its aim of facilitating the accomplishment of the missions of the aeronautical authority, has recently set up a competence test center in English, while preparing for the certification of the international civil aviation organization.

JAATO is a Dutch regulatory training foundation in many areas of aviation to improve aviation safety worldwide and promote understanding of existing and new European aviation regulations.