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Thursday, June 7, 2018

Cameroon - Crisis: This Is What Célestin Djamen Says About Samuel Eto'o Solidarity Visits To The English-speaking Regions

The announcement of Samuel Eto'o in the English-speaking regions of Cameroon has continues to cause outrages within the political class.

Célestin Djamen speaks of "nonsense" and says that politics is not a matter of "amateurs"

"It is rumored that the Grand 9 is heavily solicited by the government to" save "peace in the South West and North West. This is really a great nonsense. Our English-speaking brothers pose real demands, including full respect for the Anglo-Saxon educational subsystem, which French-speaking parents and federalism are fond of. The Great 9, which we respect, knows nothing about the Anglo-Saxon educational subsystem and even less about the Kmer version of federalism. We must therefore stop infantilizing our English brothers who deserve more respect than that. You imagine that a driver bugs your car and as a solution comes his wife to tell you "Assiah". This is not a nonsense that ?? Then one big council 9: says NO NO and NO. Politics is not for amateurs. It exceeded BIYA he assumes his shit and frees the floor! We want to build a new Cameroon without him, "he wrote on his facebook page.

Samuel Eto'o who was on leave in Cameroon was received by the Minister of Secondary Education Nalova Lyonga, on Tuesday June 5, 2018.

During their meeting, the two addressed the issue of the Anglophone crisis. The footballer has unveiled a "sport-studies" training project he intends to implement in the English-speaking regions rocking by socio-political crisis.

"I am available for everything. Whether for you or my brothers. We can talk and at the end we can eat together at the end of the day. If I can do anything, I will not hesitate. Cameroon belongs to us all and we can not build it if we do not have this peace, "said Samuel Eto'o from our colleagues in the daily Le Jour on June 06, 2018.