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Saturday, June 2, 2018

Cameroon Crisis: Secessionists supported by Westerners as fund raising currently taken place in various western countries

The countries of Europe and America are organizing fundraisers on their territory for the financing of separatist groups.

It has become a truth of Lapalisse: the crisis in the North West and South West regions of Cameroon is instigated and nourished from the outside. " We Americans care very much about the first amendment to the US Constitution, which protects freedom of expression. But we condemn hate speech and calls for violence, such as those coming from a tiny minority of Cameroonians living in the United States, "said Peter Henry Barlerin, US Ambassador to Cameroon. May 11, when a donation of two aircraft to the Cameroonian army. An admission that inspired this comment to the Minister Delegate for the Presidency of the Republic in charge of Defense: "The Cameroonian government is pleased with your public condemnation of the national and international opinion of the activists, whose leaders of the secessionist movement that our country is facing at the moment, are lurking abroad, in America and elsewhere. Europe where they do lifts"

Subsequently, Joseph Beti Assomo had launched this call: " We rely on the active cooperation of our friends so that their country does not serve as a base of design, indoctrination, fundraising to destabilize Cameroon ." A call that has so far hardly been heard. However, " if the Cameroonian diaspora finances the secessionists more ... then yes, we can expect the movement to grow, " said political scientist Hans De Marie Heungoup, researcher for International Crisis Group, in an interview with newspaper La Croix. Is this the wish of the Western powers? Even though the capabilities of the secessionists are all, today would be above the funds collected by the diaspora, anything that causes suspicions of another financial stranglehold to spring up. Photos show fighters strutting with RPGs; who finances the struggle and ensures their logistics, this is the question that currently burns the lips. For some researchers, the strategy of some Western countries is to sow chaos in countries to control their natural resources as seen, for example, in Iraq.

In this strategy, the man to kill is obviously President Paul Biya, whose multilateralism is disturbing. An assumed choice that made the head of state say that " Cameroon is not the preserve of anyone ". Cameroonian diplomacy is indeed at the service of its population. The choice of cooperation takes place on the basis of their profitability and their added value on the lives of the Cameroonian population. It is this philosophy that frames Cameroon's rich cooperation with China. Cooperation deemed exemplary in terms of spin-offs. In the last ten years, Beijing has injected more than 3000 billion CFA francs into Cameroon. What very few partners have done so far.

Pierre Ngom, cameroonblog