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Sunday, June 10, 2018

Cameroon Crisis: People Are Not In Buses As Reported, Only Farmers Go To The Bush, Say Minister Of Economy, Paul Tasong

The Cameronian minister of Economy, Paul Tasong have said that people are not harboring in bushes as widely reported on media houses that majorities of Anglophones are currently taken shelter in bushes, according to Paul Tasong, only farmers go to the bush.

Speaking to journalists in Buea, Paul Tasong debunked the statement that reveals the totally number of Anglophones living in bushes, forgetting that those people also send in pictures taken from their various camp.

Meanwhile, Hon. Fobi Nchinda of SDF reacts to recent killings in Southern Cameroon, recalling the numbers of people that have been killed so far.

"Over 2000persons have been killed, over 200000 internally displaced, at least 150000 seeking refuge in Nigeria with an imposed curfew starting at 7PM in the Northwest and Southwest. The economy is down and genocide ongoing in anglophone Cameroon (eg, the Menka slaughter)" Hon. Fobi Nchinda SDF.

See Also: Video footage of last night rampage shooting at Kumba road yesterday, watch video below

While Barrister FRU John NSOH says even with the names the President of the Republic have called Anglophones he must negotiate with them.

"You can call us all the names in the world; terrorists, secessionists etc. But you must negotiate with us. Dialogue is over from the day the head of State declared war. We can only negotiate to end the war." Barrister FRU John NSOH