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Thursday, June 14, 2018

Cameroon Crisis: Britain wants deamocratic solution to Anglophone crisis

Journal du Cameroun| The British Minister for African Affairs Harriett Baldwin has said the crisis rocking the two English-speaking regions of Cameroon since 2016 can only be solved democratically.

Speaking to Pan-African magazine, Jeune Afrique recently, Hariet Baldwin expressed growing concerns at the upsurge of violence in the Anglophone regions as well as the detention of separatist leader Ayuk JuliUS Tabe and 46 other without granting them access to their families.

“I was in Cameroon (in February) with some (British) parliamentarians and ex policemen from Northern Ireland. We have learnt a lot of lessons from our common history and wish to share our experience (with Cameroon),” Harriett Baldwin said.

“We respect the territorial integrity of Cameroon but we think this problem should be solved democratically. We are worried with the escalation of violence as well as the fate of 47 persons deported to Cameroon and held in a secret place which obviously is in Yaounde. Our wish is to see an international organisation like the Red Cross being granted access to see them.