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Friday, June 1, 2018

Cameroon: Cities of Dschang and Foumbot set to power on solar as Germany Development Bank invest 352 million FCFA for solar project

CIN| In Dschang, reports Cameroon Tribune on newsstands Friday, June 1, 2018, with an envelope of 184 million FCFA for the work, studies and control, 88 solar poles lacrosse and 19 double lacrosse will be posed.

In Foumbot, 100 streetlights will be installed, including 90 on the national N ° 6 which crosses the city and on the parallel road crossing the market A, and 10 on the market of food or market B, whose construction is in progress. Total cost, 168 million FCFA.

It should be remembered that the project for the installation of these solar streetlights falls within the framework of the Feicom-medium-sized cities decentralization program (Pdfvm) launched in 2014. The Pdfvm is financed by the German Development Bank (Kfw) for 15 million euros. euros (nearly 10 billion FCFA).

It is therefore Feicom which is responsible for its implementation within the framework of German-Cameroon cooperation. " The overall objective of this program is to contribute to the improvement of citizen participation and access of the population to basic services, through the effective implementation of decentralization and the efficient administration of local communities " , says Cameroon Tribune.

According to the newspaper, 12 communes were retained in four regions (West, Center, Far-North and South-West) for the Program. In the western region, four communes (Dschang, Foumbot, Bangangté and Bafang) have been selected. The town of Foumbot, in addition to solar energy, benefits from the construction of a retail complex with a bus station for an amount of 800 million FCFA.