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Saturday, June 9, 2018

Cameroon - Anglophone Crisis: The Village head of Ngie, Northwest region abducted for leaking secessionist "secrets" to the security forces

237acut| A local source indicates that Ngie village chief was reportedly abducted and taken to an unknown destination by armed and unidentified individuals.

Information not confirmed by the local authorities, but the same source says that the guardian of the tradition was suspected by his captors to have delivered secessionist "secrets" to the security forces.

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It is therefore likely in retaliation that these alleged "independence" would have removed in the morning of Friday, May 07 the village leader Ngie, a locality in the northwestern region in the grip of violence for over a year.

This is not the first time that secessionists have attacked traditional authorities in Anglophone regions suspected of colluding with the defense and security forces.

On May 15, the traditional chief of the village of Ekeh, Lebialem Department, Southwest Region, was brutally murdered by the secessionist presidents. The unfortunate was suspected by his captors to have organized in his palace a meeting on the 46th edition of the National Day of Unity

Chief Abang Ashu of Big Nyang Village, Akwaya District, Southwest Region, was severely beaten and tied to a tree in an evil forest in early December 2017. He was charged by secessionists of treason and collaboration with republican forces. He will be violently beaten until death ensues. His body will then be transported to the evil forest where he will be tied to a tree.