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Saturday, June 9, 2018

Cameroon - Anglophone crisis: The US Congressional has Postponed hearings on violation of rights in Anglophone regions of Cameroon


The Human Rights Commission Tom Lantos for a briefing on the human rights violation situation in southern Cameroon regions scheduled to be held today has been postponed.

The hearing was supposed to discuss in details the situation prevailing in the English-speaking and the Far-North region of Cameroon where security forces fought Boko Haram. The hearing was postponed at the late minute, although no reason was put forward.

However, the Commission said on its website that "the Cameroonian security forces have also reportedly perpetrated serious human rights violations in the north of the country, including enforced disappearances and torture, sometimes resulting in death. in prison "

"UN research has shown that such abuses can undermine the effectiveness of counterterrorism efforts and increase local radicalization," the commission said. The panelists discussed the worsening crisis in Cameroonian society and made policy recommendations to improve respect for human rights and mitigate the country's political and security challenges. Patrice Nganang , American professor of Cameroonian origin and writer at Stony Brook University. The writer was arrested in December 2017 and detained in Kondengui maximum security prison for illegally entering Cameroon before being deported to the United States of America.

Nganang, who comes from the western region of Cameroon, has been very critical of the Cameroonian government and has expressed his support for Anglophones since the crisis in the two English-speaking regions erupted in 2016. He recently published a book on his experience of the crisis during his detention in Cameroon.