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Friday, June 8, 2018

Cameroon Anglophone Crisis: Special church service held today at Mbengwi

Some Men of Cameroon Security forces and Momo SDO of North West Region pray for peace in a special church service held at Mbengwi.

The SDO of Momo division, Monono Absolom Woloa attends a special church service held today along side with some men of Cameroonian security forces in Mbengwi in favor of peace.

During the service, the Momo SDO while preaching to the congregation said Cameroon forces don't react if there is no provocation,

"No one is happy about the situation, let our brothers know we are all Cameroonians, Let them drop their weapons and let's live in peace and unity" Monono Absolom Woloa, SDO Momo

"Our forces only react to events, they donot react if there is no provocation" SDO Momo Division.

From the footage background some uniform men captured while praying, it's time for peace according to them.