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Monday, June 4, 2018

Cameroon - Anglophone Crisis: Mafany Musonge Humiliates In Bamenda During The Bilingualism And Multiculturalism Hearing

Mafany Musonge 

237acut|MP Njong Evaristus of the Social Democratic Front (SDF) literally humiliated Peter Mafany Musonge May 31 in Bamenda. It was during a public hearing organized by the National Commission for the Promotion of Bilingualism and Multiculturalism.

Point by point, the parliamentarian demonstrated the contradictions in the speeches of the commission led by Musonge.

"You said there is no English problem, what are you doing here? You refuse the debate on the anglophone crisis in the national assembly, which is the representation of the people to do it in a commission, it is contempt. Know that bullets do not kill an ideology, "he said, among other things.

The national commission for the promotion of bilingualism and multiculturalism organized in Bamenda, from May 31 to June 1, "public hearings" open to the people of the North-West region. This Musonge Commission was to listen to the grievances of the people in order to transmit them to the President of the Republic, this in the perspective of finding solutions to the socio-political crisis that paralyze for almost two years the two English-speaking regions of Cameroon.

"Dear brothers and sisters in the Southwest, the situation is serious, very serious, and the Head of State knows it. He is very worried about that. The proof is the number of missions he sent to our two regions in the last twelve months to lead the dialogue, "said former Prime Minister Peter Mafany Musonge.

Socio-political tensions and other identity crises have led the President of the Republic to create-by decree of 23 January 2017 the National Commission for the Promotion of Bilingualism and Multiculturalism. A year and a half after its establishment, we see the slowness and failure of the Musongue Commission, yet announce with great fanfare.