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Monday, June 11, 2018

Cameroon - Anglophone Crisis: Government Making It Difficult For SDF Party To Visit Cameroonian Refugees In Nigeria

The SDF party has uncovered the hidden secret of how Cameronian government is complicating the process of granting  authorisation to them to travel to anglophone refugee camps in Nigeria.

During the last meeting of the party that took place on Saturday, where issues concerning the government role on complicating visiting process to Anglophone refugees in Nigeria was discussed, the board members have decided to visit the Nigeria high commissioner today for clearance to visit Cameroonian refugees in Nigeria.

If granted clearance, the party will be visiting Nigeria camps where refugees are harbouring with relief materials and funds to be disbursed to the refugees.

Meanwhile the commissioner of police kidnapped yesterday is Tazisong Christopher by name. He ordered the massive arrest of about 50 youths on Saturday in Muea.

On Friday the manager of Supermont bottled water was kidnapped at Ekona plant and no traces of him yet.