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Friday, June 29, 2018

Are You An Admin In Any Whatsapp Group? You Can Now Block Annoying People From Sending Messages In Group Chats

Admins can choose to only allow other admins to message a chat, Messages appear for normal members but they are blocked from sending any.

Participants can only send messages if they are upgraded to admin status
Update began rolling out to users on Android and iOS worldwide today.

WhatsApp has granted group admins the power to block annoying people from sending messages inside group chats.

An update to the app allows admins to flick a switch that means only other admins can send messages to a group.

Messages will still appear for normal participants, but they will not be allowed to send any themselves unless they are upgraded to admin status.

The update began rolling out to WhatsApp users on Android and iOS worldwide today - though you may have to wait a few days before it reaches your device.

To active the new feature, head to the group settings of a chat for which you have admin permissions and select 'send messages'

From here, you can block normal participants from messaging the group by selecting 'only admins'

Source: Mailonline