Thursday, June 28, 2018

Ambazonia "Interim Government" condemned UN for Supporting Government Relief Plan

CIN| The “Interim government of the Federal republic of Ambazonia”, has urged the Office of the United Nation’s Resident Coordinator in Cameroon to withdraw its support to Cameroon’s relief program to displaced Anglophones fleeing war in the two English speaking regions, Chris Anu, the Communication and IT Secretary has said.

In a press release, the Secretary of the Separatist movement aimed at restoring the former State of Southern Cameroon, said such plans by the Cameroon government is only aimed at attracting international sympathies and to further inflict pains and sufferings on a population that has been under aggression for over two years now.

The release partially read, “The Interim Government of the Federal republic of Ambazonia has read with absolute disappointment, statement from the UN in Yaoundé, Cameroun issued on June 22, 208, overly supporting and endorsing the hypocritical humanitarian plan and visit to Southern Cameroonian/Ambazonian Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons, IDPs by the Government of French Cameroun.”

The “Interim Government” has questioned the reasons behind such recognition when the military is illegally arresting, torturing and summarily executing unarmed civilians, forcing thousands to flee into bushes and neighboring countries, while also destroying livelihoods.

In the statement, Chris Anu, said it was provocative for the Cameroon government to shy away from solving the root cause of the problem as demanded by the international community, but planning to offer humanitarian aid t5o aggrieved population.

According to him, orders have been given to the close to 200, 000 Internally Displaced Persons, and approximately 60,000 refugees not to receive any agent on the ground.

The “Interim Government” has called on the UN to do what is right by upholding the values it is meant to foster and avoid provoking a people faced with extinction.

Several regions have taking rounds to contribute to the emergency plan with the launch in the Centre region which coughed out FCFA 236 million while South West region contributed  FCFA 120 million, others will follow suit.