Friday, June 29, 2018

A 6-day-old Baby Stolen From The Maroua Regional Hospital

A237| The daily changes in newsstands this Friday which relays this information reports that, Haoua after her delivery was stolen her baby by a pretended visitor aged thirty years at the regional hospital of Maroua.

"She suggested to Haoua, already exhausted by childbirth, to keep her company for a few hours.When she saw the child's mother dozing off, she would have taken the opportunity to carry the baby and sneak into the It was around 1:00 am that the unfortunate mother noticed that her baby had disappeared and immediately suspected her visitor, who had also melted into nature to this day, "says a nurse.

Despite the patrols organized in the area of ​​this hospital training and in the vicinity, the alleged baby thief could not be apprehended.

The hospital's managers say that this is the first time such a scene has occurred in this center.

While waiting for the results of the investigations, the excavations continue in order to find traces of the culprit.