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Monday, May 28, 2018

World Trending: Hero "Spiderman" who scaled building to save child meets French President, gets honorary citizenship and a job with the Paris fire service

Malian 22-year-old Mamoudou Gassama spared Saturday a fatal fall a child hanging in the air at a balcony. A "heroism" shown by his compatriot Lassana Bathily during the jihadist hostage Am├ędy Coulibaly in 2015.

Dressed in blue jeans and a white shirt studded with black peas, Mamoudou Gassama presented himself very sober and relaxed face Emmanuel Macron who received it this morning at the Elysee Palace.

From this interview of about 20 minutes, it appears that Mamoudou Gassama now becomes a French citizen. With a key job, because it will now be an integral part of French firefighters. Perhaps he has just returned to his vocation, better his passion. This passion to rescue people in danger.

Last Saturday in the 18th arrondissement of Paris. France was about to live a live drama, when a four-year-old child was suspended in a vacuum on a balcony. As Mamoudou Gassama began to clamor over "how to do", he climbed the building with his bare hands and saved the offspring from premature and tragic death.

Mamoudou Gassama

A "heroic" act that has earned the "undocumented" Malian recognition of all France. "Congratulations to Mamoudou Gassama for his brave act that saved the life of a child last night. I had the pleasure to talk with him to thank him warmly, "wrote Anne Hidalogo, Mayor of Paris.

Another Malian hero

"Tribute and recognition to the rescuer of the young child who only listened to his courage," for her part tweeted Valerie, member of the party Republicans (opposition).

But just three years ago, another Malian entered the history of France: Lassana Bathily. Like Gassama, Lassana Bathily was 25 years old and "undocumented" at the material time. Handler at the supermarket "Hyper Kosher" of Paris, Lassana rang January 9, 2015 cartons of frozen when shots are heard from the basement.

Thanks to her courage, Lassana manages to escape and alerts the police. No one knows if Amedy Coulibaly the jihadist would make more victims without the assault launched by the police thanks in part to the warning given by Bathily.

Lassana Bathily

At a time when globalization requires every nation to receive everyone, the question should no longer be whether a migrant is in good standing. Rather, if it is not harmful. Better, what can he do for the host country.