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Monday, May 28, 2018

Statue Of Ruben Um Nyobe: The Chiefs Of The Canton Bell Point The Responsibility Of The Urban Community Of Douala

CIN| The chiefs of the canton Bell in Douala try to justify their action of May 26, 2018 during which they invested and destroyed a part of the site of the statue dedicated to the Cameroonian nationalist leader Ruben Um Nyobe. In an update published on May 27, 2018, they explain that it is the alleged laxism of the Douala Urban Community that pushed them to the limit. "The various letters sent to the Urban Community of Douala (CUD) to arrange an appointment to find a solution, have not had any favorable consequences. If the CUD had consulted all the parties beforehand, we would not be in this sensitive situation, "they write.

These traditional authorities say they intervened to avoid the worst. "The work is coming to an end, causing an indescribable anger of indigenous people, ready to rise to express their distress. The leaders of Njo Njo have decided to act in extreme urgency.

According to them, the people noticed one morning with surprise that construction works of a monument "in memory of the brave fire Ruben Um Nyobe" took place. They say they have decided to "communicate with the chief Bassa". Besides, they defend themselves, "the Canton Njo Njo never wanted to reach the Bassa community or the Monument". The Chiefs of the Bell Township indicate that the Njo-Njo Aboriginal people have always lived in fraternity, perfect harmony and in symbiosis with the Bassa community residing on the Bell Township.