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Saturday, May 26, 2018

Journalist Abdelaziz Moundé throws a huge challenge to Paul Biya| Camweb

Camweb| The journalist and political analyst Abdelaziz Moundé throws a huge challenge to Paul Biya. The man invites the President of the Republic to go to English speaking areas to see for himself what is happening. Will the entourage of the Head of State surprise Moundé? For the time being, it should be noted that since the beginning of this crisis, Paul Biya has not yet visited English-speaking areas. But for some observers, he can do it only when the presidential campaign is in full swing.

Below the challenge of Abdelaziz Moundé to Paul Biya

Before the French Ambassador, the representative of the European Union and another Westerner ask our sovereign to go to the North-West and South-West regions, for the time being and for two years, the Cameroonians beg, beg for it.

Ask the very high president to spend an hour at the limit with Atanga Nji Up station in Buea or central avenue in Bamenda to talk with these compatriots who will not sulk a glimmer of initiation sincere dialogue. Is not the minimum service for a "Father of the Nation".

It is true that the few "popular" demands to which President Paul Biya has access are the motions of support, the calls for "natural" candidacy despite the old age and perhaps the rather measured text of Luc Sindjoun, his special adviser, piece bright diplomatic nuance and dedication to the one he considers to be still the right choice.

It is therefore equally true that in general, Cameroonians run in the bag and do the work of the monitor when it comes to challenge the president . One of the rare exceptions being, these last times, Célestin Bedzigui, who was able to achieve a double blow: manage to pass a project of dam in his village and to obtain a knight medal of the Order and the Value in exchange for a call from Nkul to the sacred union around Paul Biya.

For the Far North, I believe the cause is heard. Even crab wizards in the Northern Mountains have grown tired of reading in the ground. These signs of a hypothetical visit of the head of the Armed Forces to the populations wounded by more than four years of terrorist attacks, the true one, and a merciless war of our Forces are Defense against Boko Haram.

As the doors of the Palace of Unity only open on May 20 to those who like Charles Messanga Nyamding will not wash their hands for greeting the name and the presentation of greetings at the beginning of the year, and are the privilege of these Western ambassadors and personalities in the clear of the year, let's bet one thing: our next hymns to sovereignty will be sung when another ambassador will bring this inaudible message when he comes from his compatriots to the president. A little as if Messmer was the spokesperson of our dear Um Nyobe ...

The infantrymen of our independence, dummy and illusory, will come out. The cries of ostrich will cover those Cameroonian refugees in Nigeria. Minister Tchiroma will breed in the style of "infantilization, outrage, attacking our honor ..." Our national ego will be heated to white.

Minrex will convene the "who dared" to do what a Cameroonian ambassador in Europe or the States would never dare. And then, for a country that has its own currency manufactured and managed in France, its presidents chosen by Paris, it will be chic to call oneself a patriot.

We will be torn apart while the President, preserved in his fine costumes, will wait for the next departure for a summit in Paris, having meanwhile sent one of his ministers to that of the African Union.