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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Douala Ports Authority to conform international standards

Journalducameroon| It is within this framework that a partnership for collaboration was signed between the Douala Ports Authority and the Cameroon Customs Department on Monday in Douala under the watchful eyes of the Ministers of Transport and that of Finance.

Authorities say the collaborative platform will have as main objective to make the port competitive and attractive so as to make it the major platform for external trade.

The Douala Ports Authorities thus saw the Customs Department as a major player in bringing together stakeholders in both the public and private sectors involved with the port for consultations and exchanges aimed at harmonising and improving on import/export activities in the country.

“The Customs Administration, plays (an)  essential role in the management of the smooth movement of
goods and persons across our borders,” Cyrus Ngo’o, the Director General of the Douala Ports Authority said.

It is therefore one of the pillars of revenue mobilization of the State,and one of the regulators of the economy,
particularly in its role as an essential link in research performance of port operations and the competitiveness of the Port of Douala,” he added.

This strategic role makes the Custom Department a strong partner in the Port’s daily activities in ensuring a free flow of goods between Cameroon and other countries, reason why both partners are signing the accord, Cyrus Ngo’o noted.

The accord he hoped will significantly improve the quality of services offered to users in their operations, pre and post clearance as well as enable the synergy of actions aimed at finding appropriate and definitive solutions to the problems related to infrastructure and those related to procedures and to the organization of work of all stakeholders involved with the port.